Cherry Glazed Turducken

Cherry Glazed Turducken

with roasted Summer fruits

 Cherry Glazed Turducken Christmas Recipes Blog


Cherry Glazed Turducken 2

Serves: 8-10 people | Prep Time: 10-15 mins | Cook: 3 hr


200g sour cherry jam (we use Spoonfed Foods Ham Jam)
4kg Turducken (Christmas pre order only)
4 tbsp olive oil
salt flakes
4 nectarines, halved
20 fresh cherries
1 tbsp fresh rosemary sprigs


Digital meat thermometer (optional but handy)

Cherry Glazed Turducken


Preheat the oven to 200°C fan forced.

To prepare the Turducken, melt the cherry jam in a small saucepan. Place the Turducken in a baking tray drizzled with half of the olive oil. Using a pastry brush, brush the melted cherry jam all over the top of the Turducken, reserving the remaining jam to continue glazing through the cooking process. Season well with the salt flakes.

Place the Turducken into the hot oven and cook for 20mins. Reduce the oven temperature to 160°C and continue to cook for a further 2hrs 40mins, basting every 30mins with the remaining jam. The Turducken is ready when the juices run clear when pricked with a skewer or the internal temperature reads approx 75°C.

Meanwhile, to prepare the roasted summer fruits, toss the nectarines and cherries in the olive oil and the rosemary sprigs. Place into a baking tray and into the oven and roast for the last 20mins of the Turducken cooking time.

Remove the Turducken and roasted fruits from the oven. Allow the Turducken to rest for 15mins before slicing.

Serve with the roasted summer fruits.

Cherry Glazed Turducken finished shot
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