Byron Bay Hinterlands

Farm direct from the Byron Bay Hinterland in Northern New South Wales, these animals have been raised in an ethical and respectful, stress free environment.

Berkshires are renowned for their superior meat quality and often described as “the Wagyu of pork’.

Berkshire’s genetics results in a pork product with high intramuscular fat. This fat composition is soft, white and full of flavour. These attributes result in a delicately tender meat with a moist texture that is richly savoury with a slight sweetness.

This is honestly like no other pork we’ve tried before. It has our staff genuinely excited as its outstanding eating quality has to be experienced to be believed. 

HGP Free



Family Owned. Free Range.

Gooralie free range pork is based around what is called “The Gooralie Way”. This is Gooralie’s unique way of raising, producing and delivering the best tasting pork. It is based on three important factors:

  1. Gooralie pigs are raised on a certified free range farm;
  2. Gooralie pigs are ethically raised  with the highest animal welfare standards; and 
  3. The farm is a single site, family operated farm.

Born and raised for their entire lives in a stress-free, natural outdoor environment, the pigs are free to roam 24 hours a day. They always have access to clean, fresh, spring-fed water and plenty of shade and shelter.


100% free range (APIQ certified)
Chemical residue free
Antibiotic free
Hormone growth promotant free


QLD. Farm Direct.

A genuine family farm which has been operating for almost 120 years in the same family.

We are passionate about preservation of heirloom varieties and the preservation of local traditional food products and culinary traditions.
Our animals are managed with ethical care, outdoor and on pasture, with minimal intervention and antibiotics used only where absolutely necessary. Our cattle are pasture raised and our pigs enjoy a feed which is almost entirely grown on site, which provides a flavour or ‘terroir’ unique to the Schultz Farm.
We value traditional techniques of farming and are proud of our collection of farm equipment and machines used by the family, which document a unique continuous history of agricultural technology from horse drawn & hand tools through to modern equipment.
Schultz Family Farms whole suckling pigs were a State Winner in the 2019 Delicious Produce Awards. They’ve been awarded this for 3 years running!