Closing for renovations

REOPENING WEDNESDAY 7TH OCTOBER Our ASHGROVE store is closing for renovations over a 2 week period. We’ll be back bigger and better than ever! No need to worry, we have 3 great options for you that will ensure your Meat at Billy’s supply never runs out.


COVID-19 Update 24/08/2020 Please know first and foremost, Meat at Billy’s is taking the current situation regarding the Covid–19 pandemic extremely seriously. My priority is to ensure the health and safety of our staff and customers above all else. I hope that as a result, Meat at Billy’s will be able to continue trading therefore supporting…
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Internal Meat Temperature Cooking Guide

Internal Meat Temperature Cooking Guide

Internal Meat Temperature Cooking Guide Use our internal meat temperature cooking guide and allow yourself to cook with confidence: There are so many variables, when it comes to cooking meat … Oven temperatures, BBQs & cook tops vary Differing cookware styles Charcoal heat can be inconsistent across different cooks Meat differs in size Internal starting…
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Ryukyu Ham

Ryukyu Berkshire Cross Ham on the Bone Blog_1000x1000 4 (2)

Ryukyu Ham on the Bone Premium Berkshire Cross Christmas Ham * small batch production Traditionally lightly cured and double wood smoked for 12 hours. Berkshires are renowned for their superior meat quality and often described as “the Wagyu of pork’. This is our premium Christmas Ham for 2020 and it’s as good as it gets when…
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Sobrasada Give Away header image 1000x1000

GIVE AWAY – SOBRASADA + recipe Sobrasada (pronounced so-bra-sar-dah) is a popular Spanish delicacy. This soft spreadable chorizo is cured so therefore doesn’t require cooking. Its delicious flavours truly emerge when served warm or hot. This Salumi Australia version is made with pork, paprika, salt and other spices. The texture is like a smooth, spreadable chorizo sausage. HOW…
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Suckling Pigs

 Suckling pigs A true paddock to plate pork experience   Schultz Family Farm is a genuine family farm which has been operating for almost 120 years in the same family, with the fifth generation currently growing up on the property, learning and living the simple life.   We are passionate about preservation of heirloom varieties…
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Christmas in July

whole turkey 2

Christmas in July Warm up this Winter with a traditional Christmas feast Just imagine… ♥ A glossy, caramelised ham on the bone glazed with sour cherry ham jam… ♥ Roast turkey with figs, hazelnuts & orange stuffing and served with glazed carrots & gravy… ♥ Roast pork with crispy crackling served with maple butter roasted…
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Give Away – Ham Hock & Recipe

Ham Hock Give away Blog Header 1000x1000

FREE HAM HOCK + RECIPE Make no mistake. These are no ordinary ham hocks. In fact, we reckon if you haven’t tried making Pea & Ham soup using a Meat at Billy’s traditionally ‘old fashioned’ wood smoked ham hock then you’ve been missing out. These hocks are one and the same as our best selling ‘double…
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Muppets Cooking Stroganoff

Beef Stroganoff

The Bald & The Beautiful aka Pete & Fraser whip up a batch of our seasonal Beef Stroganoff! Easy, delicious and on the table in 10 minutes! CONTENT WARNING: You will never get these 12 minutes of your life back Our Beef Stroganoff is a quick cook version. It’s made with grass fed rump steak strips in a…
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Dry Aged Beef | Small Batch

Dry Aged beef

THE KING OF FLAVOUR …  Aged in-house, definitely worth the wait!   At Meat at Billy’s we dry age our meat in house. We dry age only the best quality primal cuts from our suppliers of choice, including limited Wagyu. Our beef is dry aged for around 36 days and available in small batch lots, depending on…
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Strawberry, Ginger & Rose Jam – free gift for Mum

Mother's Day Give Away

Mother’s Day Give Away Strawberry, Ginger & Rose Jam   In the lead up to Mother’s Day, we are giving away a jar of Gold Medal winning Strawberry, Ginger & Rose Jam from local Stanthorpe producers, Jamworks Gourmet Foods. This delicious jam is the combination of locally grown strawberries from Eastern Colour (Applethorpe) and Queensland’s finest…
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