For the BBQ

Thanks to all who voted for us in the ABA People’s Choice Awards for Butchery of the Year 2017!
Meat at Billy’s proudly sponsors the following Brisbane BBQ teams.

The Barbecue Mafia –

The Shank Sistas  –

The Shank Bros

These teams compete in National BBQ competitions regularly and have won numerous awards. Follow them on social media and sign up to our newsletter to hear about their pop up food events & BBQ classes at Meat at Billy’s.

What is ‘Low & Slow’? – American BBQ, cue, pit cooking & smoking are different names for essentially the same style of cooking. It’s an indirect cooking method where the flame never directly touches the meat. It usually involves a water pan for moisture and low temperatures (115-120c) over long periods (up to 14 hours). It’s only authentic low & slow BBQ if it’s smoked over charcoal or wood. No gas.

In Australia we mainly associate BBQ with a gas BBQ set up cooking individual pieces of meat quickly over a direct heat source eg. flame grill.

Check out the Low and Slow – Groceries category for all your extra Low and Slow needs … rubs, sauces, marinades etc.