Christmas Orders – How to order

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CHRISTMAS ORDERS 2020 OPEN NOV 1ST Christmas Orders 2020 – Meat at Billy’s would like to help make your Christmas as stress free, enjoyable & delicious as possible. How you need to place your order will be dictated by where, when & how you would like to get your order. HOW TO ORDER CHOOSE 1…
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Suet Christmas Pudding

Suet is the hard fat that surrounds the kidneys and loins of beef or mutton. It’s commonly used in traditional boiled or steamed sweet puddings, like Christmas puddings and Jam Roly-Polys as well as pastry and savoury English dumplings that are usually served with stews. Suet pastry is also used to make the famous Steak…
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Christmas Ham Gift Box

MEMORABLE. UNIQUE. DELICIOUS. Corporate Christmas Ham Gift Meat at Billy’s Corporate Christmas Ham Gift options are ideal for those looking for corporate client or staff gifts (even friends and family) to ‘WOW’ and impress this Christmas. Our THREE options all include our much loved & traditional, double wood smoked ham on the bone. It’s a unique and…
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Ryukyu Ham

Ryukyu Berkshire Cross Ham on the Bone Blog_1000x1000 4 (2)

Ryukyu Ham on the Bone Premium Berkshire Cross Christmas Ham * small batch production Traditionally lightly cured and double wood smoked for 12 hours. Berkshires are renowned for their superior meat quality and often described as “the Wagyu of pork’. This is our premium Christmas Ham for 2020 and it’s as good as it gets when…
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Turkey Size & Cooking Guide

Thanksgiving Turkey in Brisbane

Turkey Size & Cooking Guide Here’s a turkey size & cooking guide to help you choose the best turkey option for you, along with size suggestions and the secret to perfectly cooked turkey, every time. Please keep in mind that this is an approximation only and based on no other protein being served. WHOLE TURKEY…
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Suckling Pigs

 Suckling pigs A true paddock to plate pork experience   Schultz Family Farm is a genuine family farm which has been operating for almost 120 years in the same family, with the fifth generation currently growing up on the property, learning and living the simple life.   We are passionate about preservation of heirloom varieties…
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Christmas in July

whole turkey 2

Christmas in July Warm up this Winter with a traditional Christmas feast Just imagine… ♥ A glossy, caramelised ham on the bone glazed with sour cherry ham jam… ♥ Roast turkey with figs, hazelnuts & orange stuffing and served with glazed carrots & gravy… ♥ Roast pork with crispy crackling served with maple butter roasted…
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Peach & Mustard Glazed Ham

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Peach & Mustard Glazed Ham 3 ingredients ham glaze recipe to impress your guests HOW TO GLAZE YOUR CHRISTMAS HAM Glazing is a great option if you’d like to add a bit of extra flavour & theatre to your Christmas Ham. It’s quite easy to create a delicious glaze, especially if you follow this simple…
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Christmas Trading Hours 2019

Ashgrove & Rosalie Stores Christmas Trading Hours Monday 16th Dec 6am – 6:30pm Tuesday 17th 6am – 6:30pm Wednesday 18th 6am – 6:30pm Thursday 19th 6am – 6:30pm Friday 20th 6am – 6:30pm Saturday 21st 6am – 5pm Sunday 22nd 6am – 4pm Monday 23rd Dec 6am – 6:30pm Tuesday 24th Dec 6am – 4pm Wednesday 25th CLOSED Thursday 26th CLOSED Friday 27th CLOSED Saturday 28th 6am –…
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Miso, Maple & Whiskey Roasted Duck

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Miso, Maple & Whiskey Roasted Duck with orange, thyme and fresh cherries Rich and crispy roast duck with big bold & fresh flavours. What a magnificent looking Christmas dish this will make. Our ducks this year are coming from Maremma Free Range Ducks, true pastured birds raised ethically and without the use of chemical or added…
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Herb Roasted stuffed Pork Loin

Roast pork crackling

Herb Roasted Stuffed Pork Loin stuffed with sage, walnut & pancetta with roasted salted maple apples & apple cider gravy   Ensuring a perfectly cooked pork loin roast with crispy crackling is simple as long as you plan ahead and follow these instructions. Firstly, the secret to crispy crackling is dry skin & high heat. Secondly, the secret…
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Pomegranate & Christmas Spiced Brisket

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Pomegranate & Christmas Spiced Brisket Festive Flavours   Serves: 6-8 people | Prep Time: 10-15 mins + overnight marinating | Cook: 4-4.5 hours INGREDIENTS: 1 tsp ground cumin 1 tsp ground ginger 1 tsp smoked paprika ½ tsp ground cloves ½ tsp ground allspice ½ tsp cracked black pepper ½ tsp nigella seeds 2 tsp sea…
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