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Ryukyu Berkshire Cross Pork

RYUKYU | Heritage Rare Breed Pork

Also referred to as ‘the Wagyu of Pork’

Ryukyu Berkshire Cross Pork Blog_Pork Rack Introducing Ryukyu Berkshire Cross Pork – (pronounced; ri-yu cue). Berkshires are renowned for their superior meat quality and often described as “the Wagyu of pork’. Ryukyu Berkshire Cross Pork Blog_Pork Products The Taste Berkshire’s genetics results in a pork product with high intramuscular fat. This fat composition is soft, white and full of flavour. These attributes result in a delicately tender meat with a moist texture that is richly savoury with a slight sweetness. This is honestly like no other pork we’ve tried before. It has our staff genuinely excited as its outstanding eating quality has to be experienced to be believed. Just look at this picture perfect crackling below. This tasted even better than it looks! Ryukyu Berkshire Cross Pork Blog_Pork Loin Rack Cooked The Where Ryukyu Berkshire Cross Pork is another one of our farm direct products. Bred in Byron Bay and raised on farms in the Northern Rivers area of NSW, the animals are raised in an ethical, respectful and stress free environment. They are HGP free.   The Breed Black Berkshire pigs are considered a heritage breed and can be traced back to the 1600’s in England. Centuries ago a small number of Black Berkshires were gifted to the Kingdom of Ryukyu (modern day Okinawa). The Japanese called these pigs Kurobuta pigs (Black Pig). When Ryukyu’s farmer bought his first 50 Berkshire pigs over 15 years ago, they were DNA tested and it was found they all held the Oriental Kurobuta gene – hence the name Ryukyu which is a nod to these pigs heritage. Obviously the Black Berkshire originated from a much cooler climate so to ensure the environmental sustainability of the breed, Ryukyu’s Berkshire Boars have been crossed with a Large White/Landrace Sow, a breed better suited to Australia’s unique climate. This is referred to in the industry as a Berkshire Cross or Berkshire F1.   Ryukyu Berkshire Cross Pork Blog_Pork Loin Roasts  

Best Ever Crackle

Pork crackling. crispy. crunchy. salty. fatty. rich. delicious. Keep scrolling for our best ever pork crackling tips! Ryukyu Berkshire Pork