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Alana Lowes

Alana Lowes – The Flying Foodie

Our new recipe & content contributor

You may recognise Alana Lowes from her time on Masterchef Australia where she came 3rd on season 3. 

She now works as a food and travel writer as The Flying Foodie, a lifestyle magazine editor and loves to develop and shoot simple beautiful recipes.

When Alana isn’t tripping around the globe, she lives locally in Bardon and has been a loyal customer at Meat at Billy’s since it first opened in 2009.

Alana has come on board to help us showcase our products through creating delicious recipes, serving suggestions & imagery.

Alana’s work will be posted on our blog regularly.

Check out her recipes below…

sticky, smoky, spicy pork ribs_blog_1000x300

Always, always love a good rib recipe & this one doesn’t disappoint.

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Char grilled rib on the bone 1

Take an already spectacular steak and raise the bar! Crispy capers, flavoured butter and chilli shoestring fries … what could be better!!

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When the weather starts to cool down, it’s time to slow cook. Over the course of a couple of hours, the aroma of these Stout Braised Lamb Shanks will waft throughout your kitchen and beyond.

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Cumin roasted chicken 1

It doesn’t need to be Sunday to enjoy this spectacular cumin roasted chicken feast. This variation on the classic is hard to top!

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Roast turkey is perfect on so many occasions – Christmas in July, Thanksgiving or as the centrepiece of your Christmas festivities!

Meat at Billy’s regular, Alana Lowes shares her classic take on roast turkey with all the trimmings …

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Massaman Beef Curry

Massaman Beef Curry is one of those recipes that is quite quick to get started but then needs a long time to cook. Perfect if you’re planning a day at home and like all one pot curries and casseroles, it tastes even better if you cook it the day before.

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I’ve been a bit obsessed with chimichurri which is zesty green sauce from Argentina / Uruguay and is perfect to lash on grilled meats. 

I’ve been making batches that we have been eating with everything – on top of eggs, grilled haloumi and tonight I am going pan fry some Meat at Billy’s crumbed lamb cutlets and treat the family to this delicious combo!

Dried oregano is traditionally used in the sauce, but today I’m using fresh thyme and it is perfect, I definitely recommend.

Here is my chimichurri sauce recipe… Alana

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char grilled pomegranate quails with rose yoghurt_header

I love playing around with new ingredients and while I’ve eaten and cooked with quail, I haven’t in ages because there aren’t too many places you can buy fresh fresh quails!

But I’m lucky as my local butcher Meat at Billy’s stocks Brisbane Valley Quail.

I have the best tangy, sticky chargrilled quail recipe I want to share with you all for a weekend of feasting! 
enjoy!! Xx 💋 #recipe #collab #quailrecipe

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These Cheat’s Moroccan Sausage Rolls utilise the already prepared Meat at Billy’s Merguez (spicy Moroccan style lamb sausage) as the filling. 

This minted yoghurt sauce is the perfect accompaniment as it compliments the spicy flavours of the lamb beautifully.

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Buffalo Tenders 1

These Buffalo Tender Mini Tacos are the perfect snack accompanied with the ‘bite’ of the jalapeño & coriander mayo.

Using our own pre-prepared Buffalo Tenders, this recipe couldn’t be easier!

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