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A basic pulled pork recipe

Cooking over charcoal is best but an oven will do

how to cook pork collar butt


There’s more than one way to cook a pork butt that’s for sure.

This Pulled Pork Recipe is based on using a Weber kettle and is a basic guide to help a beginner get in and give it a go.

Don’t have a charcoal BBQ? You can do this in your oven. It just won’t have that added classic smokey flavour!

1. Set up your Weber for offset cooking (one charcoal basket only pushed over to one side).

2. Light your charcoal in a chimney & fill the basket with lit charcoal, replace lid and allow the BBQ to heat up.

3. Aim for the ideal temperature range of 225/250°F or 110/120°C

4. Apply the rub liberally all over the pork.

5. Place on the grill plate, opposite side to the charcoal. Put an empty tray underneath the pork to catch the fat dripping if you’d prefer.

6. Throw a chunk or two of fruit wood on the charcoal once or twice throughout the cook if you like the smoke!

7. Replace lid and wait until the internal temperature of the pork gets to 165°F or 75°C. This is where a digital meat thermometer comes in real handy. No thermometer? Look for a sweet mahogany coloured bark as your sign it’s time! And then go and buy a meat thermometer (-;

8. At this point, wrap the pork in alfoil and continue smoking until it hits 205°F or 95°C

9. Remove from the BBQ and let it rest in the alfoil for an hour. This rest time is really important. It allows the meat to soften & mellow.

10. Grab some meat claws / two forks / your hands and pull the pork apart. Serve & eat (-: