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Berkshire cross pork | Free range pork | Carbon neutral pork | Award winning whole pigs

Ryukyu Berkshire Cross Pork from the Byron Bay hinterland is available along with carbon neutral free range pork products from premium suppliers, including Borrowdale Free Range Pork and Murray Valley Pork.

Whole suckling pigs and whole spit pigs are available by request. These are sourced from Schultz Family Farms (Delicious Produce Awards State Winners in 2017, 2018 and 2019) 

Ryukyu Pork

Ryukyu Berkshire Cross Pork – Farm direct from the Byron Bay Hinterland in Northern New South Wales, these animals have been raised in an ethical and respectful, stress free environment.

Berkshires are renowned for their superior meat quality and often described as “the Wagyu of pork’.


Berkshire’s genetics results in a pork product with high intramuscular fat. This fat composition is soft, white and full of flavour. These attributes result in a delicately tender meat with a moist texture that is richly savoury with a slight sweetness.

This is honestly like no other pork we’ve tried before. It has our staff genuinely excited as its outstanding eating quality has to be experienced to be believed. Just look at this picture perfect crackling below. This tasted even better than it looks!


HGP & Antibiotics Free

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Borrowdale Free Range Pork

100% Carbon Neutral Pork, certified Free Range

These animals are raised in a stress free environment, with the freedom to truffle, play and wallow in the mud. Focusing on the highest standards of ethical pork production, Borrowdale Free Range Pork has a superior flavour and the tenderness of pork from a bygone era.

Borrowdale have also taken responsibility for their carbon footprint and emissions and via their Carbon Offset Project. This has resulted in them being certified 100% carbon neutral. They continue to remain committed to directly reducing their carbon emissions and ensuring a long lasting sustainable environment.

No moisture infusion

No added hormones

High welfare

APIQ certified free range


Free Range Ham

Free range ham on the bone.

Traditional double wood smoked. An award winning favourite. Lightly cured and double wood smoked for 12 hours.

Our Christmas hams are smoked locally by Gilly’s Smallgoods.

Gluten and allergen free.

100% Australian free range pork.

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*Available all year round

Suckling Pigs

Whole suckling pigs and whole spit pigs available in various sizes. Please contact us for more information regarding price and lead time for orders.

We source our whole pigs from local QLD farm, Schultz Family Farms where the animals are raised in a natural environment with permanent access to forest and pasture.

Schultz Family Farms pigs were Delicious Produce Awards State Winners in 2017, 2018 and 2019  so you can be sure the flavour and quality will impress.

Murray Valley Pork

This is a premium range of hand-selected pork that is always tender, juicy and absolutely delicious. Murray Valley Pork has been carefully prepared by adding a small amount of a special brine recipe.  Leading chefs have used this preparation method for years as it makes great pork meals even better.


Tips for crispy crackling

Leave pork uncovered in fridge before cooking. Overnight is best. This will dry out the skin which is important. Cook at 220 degrees* for first 20 minutes of cooking time, then drop oven temperature back down to suggested cooking temperature (usually 180 degrees depending on the cut/size).

If still not crispy towards the end of cooking time, turn the temperature back up to 220 degrees* for the last 20 minutes also.

*Oven  temperatures can vary so be sure to watch your pork carefully to ensure it doesn’t burn.