Lamb Products


Our pastured lamb range includes produce from award winning suppliers including Eggcettera  (based close by at Talgai) and Sovereign Lamb (in the Victorian goldfields).

Meat at Billy’s has a unique and exclusive relationship with Eggcettera Farm. The lambs are pasture raised and rotationally grazed. We value Farmer Tim’s commitment to sustainable and ethical farming. His passion shines though and results in the best tasting, superior quality products.



Eggcettera Long Paddock Lamb

Exclusive to Meat at Billy’s!

These lambs are pasture raised and rotationally grazed in line with Farmer Tim’s philosophy relating to ethical and sustainable farming.

They are predominantly a Dorper breed and have a lovely intramuscular fat, resulting in a terrific eating experience.


Sovereign Lamb

Sovereign Lamb is all natural prime lamb raised in the pristine Goldfields regions of Victoria Australia. This region was home to the Gold rush from 1835-1900 and is now considered to be a “natural haven”, famous for its rich, fertile and productive land, it is some of the finest lamb producing country in the world.

The pure lamb genetics of the Sovereign Lamb and the natural feeding regime of lush pastures, clean water and air, give the lamb a tender texture and a mild flavour, unlike any other. This is gourmet lamb of the highest quality; every cut is outstanding, from the elegant rack of lamb to the boneless leg roast.


Ekka 2012 Branded Lamb Competition