Beef Products

Rib on the bone Beef


Our range and knowledge of top quality beef is extensive. We offer a wide selection of dry aged, Waygu, grass fed and grain fed beef from various suppliers. We source the best in beef from unique and exclusive suppliers, such  Little Joe and Security Foods. Other top end suppliers include Great Southern Pinnacle, Rangelands and Cape Grim.

We are also  stocking Australia’s first certified carbon neutral beef – Five Founders Natural Australian Beef.


Meat at Billy’s offers our own in-house dry age beef.

Why Dry Age? Dry aging is the process of slowly aging the meat via both temperature and humidity control. By creating a ‘crust’ on the outside of the meat, the enzymes within naturally cause the muscle fibres to break down.

The result, tenderness and a remarkable depth of flavour!

Keep an eye out for Billy’s Small Batch of specially selected beef and lamb cuts.

Little Joe

Little Joe is the global epitome of grass fed beef. It is exclusive in supply and available in small batch only. (Keep an eye on our eNEWS, Facebook and Instagram for release details.)

The Little Joe promise is to deliver an all-natural grass fed beef product that offers a minimum marble score of four (AusMeat standard). A feat near impossible to replicate.

Naturally raised by accredited farmers in southern Australia, Little Joe is guaranteed to be independently 3rd party audited to ensure their livestock meet their stringent “never ever” raising claims:

* Grass fed for life;
* Raised without antibiotics;
* No added hormones;
* GMO free
* Free range, never confined to a feed lot;
* Marble score 4 +.

What’s in a name?
The name Little Joe was inspired by this product’s elusive marble score of four which separates it from the competition.

In the game of craps, achieving a dice roll of four by throwing two twos is colloquially known as a Little Joe. There is a less than 3% chance of throwing a Little Joe, an uncommon occurrence and near impossible to replicate. Just like Little Joe beef.

And that’s how Little Joe rolls.

Five Founders

Five Founders is Australia’s first certified carbon neutral beef!

Five Founders beef is produced exclusively from free-roaming cattle. They are born and raised on the vast, fertile grasslands of the northern Australian Outback (NT and Queensland) for approximately 400 days.

The cattle are then finished on grain for a further 100 days at a property close to Brisbane.

The Five Founders name is a nod to the original five founding members of NAPCo – the North Australian Pastoral Company (the company who owns the Five Founders brand). These five guys kicked things off way back in 1877 and NAPCo has been producing beef in Australia ever since… that’s over 140 years of sustainable beef farming.

Great Southern Pinnacle

100% grass fed beef from lush, free-range pastures, Great Southern Pinnacle is a brand that will impress.

This super tender beef boasts just enough natural marbling to suit the most discerning paletes.

This grass fed beef is sourced from a specialist farming program in southern Australia – ensuring an all-natural product.

What makes the difference is 100% grass-feeding in a stress-free environment. The abundance of land ensures maximum free range rotation across different pastures and continuous nutrition. It’s simply the best way to deliver an outstanding eating experience every time.

Cape Grim Beef

Tasmania’s Cape Grim in the far northwest corner, shaped by wild Southern Ocean swells, abundant rainfall and the cleanest air in the world , is the perfect place to grow superior beef.

Their proud collective of beef farmers has a commitment to sustainable farming and ethical practices. They nurture the finest quality cattle, without harming the pristine environment.

Raised on rich pastures with nothing else added, Cape Grim Beef is hand-selected and rigorously graded, rewarding you with pure beef flavour – made by nature.

Rangeland Quality Meats

Rangeland Quality Meats is a wholly Queensland owned and operated family company and we pride ourselves on the strict set of production values that we follow to consistently supply you with the highest quality beef.

• MSA Graded Beef – our beef is MSA Graded into boning groups 1 – 10.

• HGP Free – all our cattle are raised naturally with no growth hormones added.

• Antibiotic Free – none of our cattle are treated with antibitoics at any stage of production.

• Lifetime traceability – we know where your beef comes from and can trace its whole life history.

• Low stress stock handling – we muster and move the cattle on horseback to create a stress free and humane environment.

• Paddock raised – all our cattle are paddock raised on native and improved grasses.