Poultry Products


Chickens, geese, duck, turkey, guinea fowl, pheasant, quail, spatchcock & poultry livers are all available at our Brisbane butcher shop or online butcher shop. We offer a selection of heritage, free range and barn-raised birds. *Some of these items need to be pre-ordered.


We offer a selection of heritage, free range and barn-raised birds.

Sommerlad Heritage Chickens

Sommerlad’s Poultry have created something new from something old. Returning to the country’s heritage breeds of table poultry, they have bred their own hardy, slower growing chickens, specifically suited to free-range farming. As well as foraging through the paddock they are fed Australian whole grains and no antibiotics.

Their unique heritage enables them to thrive outdoors and their natural growth rate allows their organs, muscles and bones to grow in harmony. They grow for approximately 70 days, which is twice as long as conventional chicken, and this longer life allows them time to develop nutrient dense meat with outstanding texture and flavour.

Delicious. Produce Award Winner 2015 for Outstanding Innovation, breeding a slow-growing, grass-roaming chicken that produces superior meat, loaded with flavor.

Sommerlad chickens are only available at certain times.

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Read John Lethlean’s article about Sommerlads Heritage Chickens.


9Dorf Farms

9Dorf Farms are a 4th generation, family owned business farming in the fertile Lockyer Valley since 1918. They are passionate about sustainable farming, working with and improving the environment and producing ethically raised animals. Their desire is to “leave the land in a better state than when they came onto it”.

U Goose

Meat at Billy’s is proud to stock U Goose products from a farm in Northern NSW (between Armidale & Glen Innes). These geese are free range and make a great alternative to turkey.

As well as the whole bird, we also offer twin packs of breasts & marylands.

State Winner 2016 delicious. Produce Awards – ‘From the paddock’ category – Whole dressed Goose

State Winner 2017 delicious. Produce Awards – ‘From the paddock’ category – Whole dressed Goose

Game Birds





Guinea Fowl

Spatchcock / Poussin

Eggcettera Farm Eggs

Eggcettera farm is located near Allora, in southern Queensland. It is a family owned property, with a focus on sustainable farming practices.

The pasture raised Eggcettera “girls” are truly free range . A mobile shed houses them and is open all the time to allow them to roam the paddock in search of food, scratch in a dust bath or spread their wings. This provides them a variety of seeds, worms and insects to eat, and this diverse diet results in eggs of superior quality.

The ‘girls’ are given plenty of room – 8 square metres per bird (instead of the legal stocking rate of 1 square metre) and are moved onto fresh pasture on a weekly basis to ensure they are happy and healthy.

Eggcettera’s mission is to grow and market quality free range farm produce in an ethically sustainable manner for livestock and land involved.


Walker Farm Chickens

Walker Farm Foods produces true pasture raised, nomadic, free range chickens on their farm “Barwood”, a 330 ha property located in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

So what does Nomadic Pastured mean?  Very simply, the animals are allowed to roam and eat as much fresh grass as possible.

We receive a delivery of fresh Walker Farm birds every Friday.