Poultry Products

Free range poultry.

Nearly all of our chicken products are free range and clearly labelled as such. We also offer local, pasture raised, whole chickens.

Duck, turkey, quail, spatchcock & poultry livers are available from our Ashgrove, Rosalie or our online butcher shop.

NOTE: Some of these items need to be pre-ordered.


We offer a selection of pasture raised and free range birds.

9Dorf Farms Chicken

9Dorf Farms are a 4th generation, family owned business farming in the fertile Lockyer Valley since 1918. They are passionate about sustainable farming, working with and improving the environment and producing ethically raised animals. Their desire is to “leave the land in a better state than when they came onto it”.

9Dorf Farms chickens are housed in a movable dwelling that is shifted every day to give them access to new pasture. At 9Dorf, they believe it is vitally important for the chickens to have fresh air, sunshine and exercise.

When you buy a 9Dorf Farms chicken you know exactly what you are getting …. “chicken” as it was meant to be.

Eggcettera Eggs

Eggcettera is located at Talgai, near Allora, in southern Queensland. It is a family owned property, with a focus on sustainable farming practices.

The pasture raised Eggcettera “girls” are truly free range . A mobile shed houses them and is open all the time to allow them to roam the paddock in search of food, scratch in a dust bath or spread their wings. This provides them a variety of seeds, worms and insects to eat, and this diverse diet results in eggs of superior quality.

The ‘girls’ are given plenty of room – 10 square metres per bird (instead of the legal stocking rate of 1 square metre) and are moved onto fresh pasture on a weekly basis to ensure they are happy and healthy.

Eggcettera’s mission is to grow and market quality free range farm produce in an ethically sustainable manner for livestock and land involved.


Elgin Valley Free Range

Located in the foothills of the Glasshouse Mountains, Elgin Valley chickens roam free on acres of lush green pasture.

Elgin Valley chickens enjoy only the best of the best when it comes to their diet. Their specially prepared feed has no antibiotic growth promotants and no preservatives or growth hormones. They also have the option to snack on whatever’s on offer in the yard. All of this means wholesome and healthy chicken.Elgin Valley poultry is FREPA (Free Range Egg and Poultry Australia) accredited.

Joyce's Gold Heritage Poultry

The Joyce’s Gold Heritage Poultry chicken is a breed developed in Australia by the Joyce family using traditional Heritage breeds.

All Joyce’s Gold farmers raise their birds naturally on pasture. They provide a PREMIUM QUALITY BIRD that grows out to 12-16 weeks, unlike most meat chickens that grow out to 5 – 6 weeks.

Joyce’s Gold Heritage Meat Chickens are truly suited to FREE RANGE conditions and Australia’s often extreme climate. They are quite happy in the hot or cold, sleeping on the ground, on perches or even in trees. Regular commercial meat chicks become very big in the breast area at an amazing rate and their legs struggle to support their own weight meaning even the lucky ones on free range spend most of the time sitting and usually only getting up to eat mash or have a drink.  The Joyce`s Gold birds however develop all parts of their body at the same rate allowing for natural chicken movement and behaviour.

With a longer growing period and real free ranging ability, you get a table bird that tastes like chicken used to taste. Customers often say they have not had birds with this amount of flavour in many years and only tasted birds like this in Europe.


Brisbane Valley Quail

Fresh, local quail sourced locally from Coominya, Brisbane Valley.

Available on a weekly basis – both whole & butterflied out quails. This particular quail is generous in size. In fact it can be served as a main course.

Brisbane Valley Poultry Quails are the hard work of fourth generation farmers. The quails are derived from the Coturnix Quail breed and of course, the birds are hormone and antibiotic free.

Game Birds





Guinea Fowl

Spatchcock / Poussin