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Low & Slow BBQ with The Brisbane BBQ Mafia

BBBQMafia 3Meat at Billy’s is the proud sponsor of The Brisbane BBQ Mafia. These four guys are heading to the Australian Blues & BBQ Festival in Port Macquarie in late March to battle it out against Australia’s best in the Australian BBQ Wars.


We asked Drew, one of the Mafia, about cooking BBQ.


1. How does Aussie BBQ differ from American style BBQ?

In Australia we associate ‘BBQ’ with a gas BBQ setup, searing steaks and sausages etc. quickly over direct flame, it’s the heartbeat of Australian cuisine. American Style BBQ or Low and Slow BBQ is an indirect cooking method where the flame never directly touches the meat. It usually involves a water pan for moisture and low temperatures (115-120c) over long periods (up to 14 hours). It’s only authentic BBQ if its smoked over charcoal or wood. No gas.Drew 2


2. Who is Brisbane BBQ Mafia?

The Brisbane BBQ Mafia are a bunch of good mates with a common interest, food! No professional chefs here, but very accomplished using a smoker and putting great low and slow BBQ on the plate. We cook on a ProQ Bullet smoker and a Radar Hill reverse offset smoker.


3. Why did you decide to team up & enter the Australian BBQ Wars?

American style low and slow BBQ is very on trend and we thought it would be a great way to test our skills. Low and Slow BBQ is a real labour of love, lots of sleepless nights! The BBQ Wars are 45 teams from all over Australia competing for bragging rights!


4. Do you think you can win?BBQ Ribs

Absolutely we can win. The Brisbane BBQ Mafia can turn out a great product, a lot comes down to luck on the day, you need a strong and steady fire, lots of organization and a ton of good luck.


5. What is your favourite thing to BBQ and why?

My favourite cut is Cape Grim Beef Brisket. It’s a tough secondary cut with lots of connective tissue but smoked low and slow for 12-14 hours, is the most succulent meat you will ever taste.

 It’s also the hardest to cook, it can dry out or get tough very easily. It shows the true skill of a Pit Master.


6. Who inspires your BBQ style and why?Radar Hill Smokers 2

I’m inspired by a lot of Aussie guys including fellow Queenslander Mitch Morse from the Meat Sweats. In terms of idols? I can’t go past the GOD of Texas BBQ, Aaron Franklin from Franklin BBQ in Austin. People line up for hours just to try his brisket and ribs, he’s a legend.


You can ask The Brisbane BBQ Mafia any questions you might have about BBQ on Saturday 7th March. The guys will be at Meat at Billy’s smokin’ up a storm from 10:30am to give you guys a taste of what they’ll be cooking for the judges on the big day.


Troy from A Wicked Edge Sharpening will also be on site from 9am-12pm so bring in your blunt knives too!

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