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Suckling Pigs Blog

 Suckling Pigs + Spit Pigs

A true paddock to plate pork experience

Orders & enquiries call 07 3366 2912 – select 1 for Ashgrove or select 2 for Rosalie. The butchers will be able to help you out with any questions you might have.

Please note, the pigs are supplied ready to cook. You will need to hire a spit and arrange someone to cook the pig. 

Sizes can vary depending on availability. Orders need to received at least 7 days prior or more for busy periods like Christmas. 

Schultz Family Farm is a genuine family farm which has been operating for almost 120 years in the same family, with the fifth generation currently growing up on the property, learning and living the simple life.

We are passionate about preservation of heirloom varieties and the preservation of local traditional food products and culinary traditions.
Our animals are managed with ethical care, outdoor and on pasture, with minimal intervention and antibiotics used only where absolutely necessary. Our cattle are pasture raised and our pigs enjoy a feed which is almost entirely grown on site, which provides a flavour or ‘terroir’ unique to the Schultz Farm.
We value traditional techniques of farming and are proud of our collection of farm equipment and machines used by the family, which document a unique continuous history of agricultural technology from horse drawn & hand tools through to modern equipment.
“The modern discerning customer wants to know more about the provenance of their food…. that their food is being locally and ethically produced by real Aussie farmers”…..
Vaughn Schultz – Director & Head Swineherd

Schultz Family Farms whole suckling pigs were a State Winner in the 2019 Delicious Produce Awards. They’ve been awarded this for 3 years running!

Spit pigs are available in various sizes.
We need minimum 7 days notice generally for these little beauties.

Orders & enquiries call 07 3366 2912 – select 1 for Ashgrove or 2 for Rosalie.

Weight & Price

The price of our pigs varies depending on size. It’s best to email or phone to check on sizing, pricing & catering quantity advice.

We require a minimum of one weeks’ notice however 10 days is preferred.

Measurements in mm (approx only)

Will the pig fit on your spit? For obvious reasons this is an an important point to consider. Please note that this is a guide only.

8-10kg approx – 900 mm
10-15kg – 1000 mm
15-20kg – 1100 mm
20-25kg – 1200 mm
25-30kg – 1300 mm
30kg-35kg – 1400 mm
35-40kg+ – 1500 mm

We do NOT provide cooking or serving services.
All suckling pigs and spit pigs must be collected in store.
If you require a spit, we recommend Alderley Hire.