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Ryukyu Berkshire Cross Ham

The Ryukyu Berkshire Cross Ham is our premium Christmas Ham for 2020 and it’s as good as it gets when it comes to flavour, texture and supporting local.

* small batch production

Traditionally lightly cured and double wood smoked for 12 hours.

Berkshires are renowned for their superior meat quality and often described as “the Wagyu of pork’.

100% Australian pork

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The Berkshire Breed

Berkshire’s genetics results in a pork product with high intramuscular fat. This fat composition is soft, white and full of flavour. These attributes result in a delicately tender meat with a moist texture that is richly savoury with a slight sweetness.

This is honestly like no other pork we’ve tried before.

Our Christmas Hams are smoked locally by Gilly’s Smallgoods.

100% Australian pork

  • • Farm Direct | Sourced Locally
  • • Small Batch | Limited Availability
  • • Traditionally lightly cured & double wood smoked for 12 hours
  • • Brisbane Delivery – FREE DELIVERY over $100
  • • Click & Collect available
  • • Gluten and allergen free