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It just makes everything taste better!

Have a Weber but don’t use it? Is that because…
(a) it’s too much effort
(b) takes too long to cook anything
(c) you’ve had to many over/under cooked disasters
(d) it’s hiding in the garage/shed somewhere
(e) don’t know where to start
(f) one or more of the above
You’re not alone. It seems most people are hesitant to cook on charcoal. Either they don’t know where to start or have had charcoal cooking disasters in the past. Sound familiar?
It doesn’t have to be that way. We can reignite your enthusiasm for real, charcoal BBQ cooking.
All you need is a few basic pointers and you’ll be flame grilling top notch steaks & impressing friends before you know it.
Our Cooking on Charcoal classes go back to the basics. Master those and you’re well on your way. It’s easier than you think.

• small, hands on classes -1 BBQ between 2 – cook your own food

• Topics covered – lighting your BBQ, heat control, recommended tools, offset cooking, reverse searing, direct heat grilling, tips & tricks.

• Butchery demos & learn how to select the best steaks

• Dinner & drinks included

• Ask as many questions as you like. Our guest presenters & Billy cook on charcoal religiously and love sharing their expertise.

• A take home pack including: Billy’s choice of steak, meat rub, Black Nail Charcoal and some Meat at Billy’s merchandise – RRP $56

Charcoal cooking is our preferred method of cooking steaks and almost everything else – because… FLAVOUR!!!!!!!!!!
Billy says “There’s more flavour and more love when you cook with charcoal. It just makes everything taste better”!
Let us show you how easy it can be. After this class you’ll be firing up your Weber at every opportunity and never look back.