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Peach & Mustard Ham Glaze 2021 5

INTRODUCING… Brand new for 2021 – our Meat at Billy’s Peach & Mustard Ham Glaze.

Ready to use, minimal effort required, maximum flavour reward. Just open and apply.

It’s the only ham glaze to use on our premium ham on the bone this Christmas…
Each jar is enough to glaze up to a large 10-12kg ham on the bone.

Juicy Golden Queen Peaches (from Jamworks) deliver the golden peachy orange colour but more importantly they bring the classic flavour of an Australian Summer to the mix. Mustards seeds add a tangy mustard flavour but deliver both visually & texturally also. You’ll see multicoloured mustard seeds throughout the glaze and these give a nice surprise pop every now & then when eating. Next is the Lime Juice for zestiness & zing to balance the sweetness from ripe peaches.


Blend Ham Glaze ingredients

3 WAYS TO GLAZE YOUR CHRISTMAS HAM Billy & his mates from Picklehead Pickles & Blend Smoked Honey have teamed up to give us 3 different ham glaze recipes to get you inspired for Christmas Day. There’s something to be said for a glazed ham. Those caramelised dark, almost burnt bits are so delicious. If […]