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how to break down a whole rump


Create 4 different meals & SAVE $$

Ralphie from Shank Brothers BBQ dropped by recently and we got talking about RUMP. Then this happened (-: A detailed video on how to break down a whole rump!

If you’re into knowing more about your meat cuts or love knowing how make your $$ go further, watch on!

Not the shortest video we’ve done, however after watching it, you’ll be able to master the breakdown yourself and get maximum value for money from this versatile cut of meat.


Buying a whole rump and breaking it down (or asking us to do it for you – at no extra cost) is a very cost effective way of creating 4 different meals:

  1. 1. Stir fry strips;
  2. 2. Picanha roast (drool over the Shank Brothers Picanha cook up below);
  3. 3. Rump steaks; and
  4. 4. The ‘prized’ rump eye.

Watch our video to learn how to do a whole rump break down.

how to break down a whole rump

REMEMBER – we’re very happy to do the work for you if you prefer. Just ask in store and we can cut up your whole rump, cryovac it for you and carry it to your car! All you need to do is ask.

If you shop online, just add your request in the notes section at the checkout.

Too easy!


*Images and video courtesy of Ralphie, Shank Brothers BBQ