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HIDA WAGYU A5 Japanese Wagyu

HIDA WAGYU A5 Japanese Wagyu

Soft. Buttery. Decadent. Umami.

HIDA WAGYU A5 Japanese Wagyu

It’s called the Rolls Royce of beef and at $500 per kg, this Hida Wagyu (Hidagyu) A5 Japanese Wagyu is the most expensive piece of beef we’ve ever offered.

A5 is the highest mark Japanese Wagyu can score. Less than 3% of Japanese Wagyu receives this grading.

In Japan, it is so highly regarded it’s only consumed on very special occasions, given as an expensive gift and even sold in fancy department stores. It’s way too special (and expensive) to be considered an every day food. Apparently those who can afford it indulge only once every few years.


The 17 year ban for importing Japanese Wagyu was lifted in May 2018.

HIDA WAGYU A5 Japanese Wagyu 2nd


This particular Wagyu ‘Hidagyu’ is from the Gifu Prefecture (known as The Provence of Pure Water).

Among the Japanese black Wagyu beef farmed in Gifu, this title is given only to beef that clears strict criterion such as meat quality grade & fattening period etc.

Hidagyu has won 2 Gold Medals at the prestigious Wagyu Olympics held in Japan. It is considered to be the leading brand of Wagyu being exported out of Japan.

Why the hefty price tag?

Wagyu of this standard rarely makes it out of Japan. We were pretty excited to be offered the opportunity to try it for ourselves and in turn, create an opportunity for our customers to experience it also.

Meat at Billy’s is the first butcher in Queensland to have Hidagyu available for retail!

The big question is, is the high price tag worth it? For dedicated beef connoisseurs & curious food lovers, I’m certain you’ll relish the opportunity to experience the flavour and texture of Hidagyu.

It’s not for everyone, but those who’ll appreciate it, will love it!


Sliced to order in very small portions.