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10 Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas

10 Best Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

‘Favourite Child Status’ … Guaranteed

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Stuck for Father’s Day gift ideas?

Treat Dad to something awesome from Meat at Billy’s! It’s sure to be his favourite gift of the day :-)!

Here are some of Billy’s favourites:

  1. 1. An extra special Wagyu or dry aged steak;
  2. 2. A Meat at Billy’s Hat– all the ‘cool kids’ have one
  3. 3. Cook him a delicious rolled pork loin roast … extra crackling will earn you extra brownie points;
  4. 4. An awesome SolidTeknics Flaming Skillet – with a multi-generational warranty, it’s a real keepsake;
  5. 5. A set of Steak Knives, Meat at Billy’s branded of course;
  6. 6. A pair of Fire Slap BBQ Gloves – no more BBQ burns;
  7. 7. eGIFT Voucher – let Dad choose for himself. We’ll even deliver it to his door*!
  8. 8. Make him breakfast in bed with some pastured, free range eggs & double smoked bacon – remember, favourite child status :-);
  9. 9. A digital, fast read thermometer – take the guess work out of cooking. Get it perfect, every time;
  10. 10. A meat tray (must be pre-ordered) – let us select the tasty morsels & you get the pat on the back for the great idea!

*Terms & Conditions apply

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