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Prosciutto Wrapped Lamb Rumps

Prosciutto Wrapped Lamb Rumps with Warm Spring Salad on Moroccan Couscous A beautiful, light, summery dish, the Prosciutto Wrapped Lamb Rumps with Warm Spring Salad on Moroccan Couscous is bound to be added to your regular dinner rotation. It’s also that little bit fancy so would also be perfect to serve as a weekend lunch […]

Bellevue Prime Dorper Lamb

Bellevue Prime Dorper Lamb featured image

Bellevue Prime Dorper Lamb Pastured, Farm Direct, Local NEW TO MEAT AT BILLY’S Bellevue Prime Dorper Lamb will be available at Meat at Billy’s for the first time as of today, 16th April 2020. We’re always pretty pleased with ourselves when we’re able to source top quality produce like this direct from a local farm. […]

Crumbed Lamb Cutlets with Chimichurri

crumbed lamb cutlets recipe

crumbed lamb cutlets with chimichurri I’ve been a bit obsessed with chimichurri which is zesty green sauce from Argentina / Uruguay and is perfect to lash on grilled meats.  I’ve been making batches that we have been eating with everything – on top of eggs, grilled haloumi and tonight I am going pan fry some Meat […]


Lamb Sausage Rolls_featured image

Lamb sausage rolls … Perfect for Australia Day!! If you decide to make these lamb sausage rolls, I recommend using ‘real butter’ puff pastry if you can, as in made with butter, not margarine! It’s so much nicer in both taste & texture. Most puff pastry is made from margarine and won’t give as good results. Trust […]

Billy’s Straya Snags are back!

Billy's Straya Snags

BILLY’S STRAYA SNAGS LAMB, VEGEMITE & XXXX SAUSAGES ARE BACK!                   Billy’s opened the Vegemite jar and a can of XXXX. Sound unusual?? Not when he combines them in perfect balance with free range lamb, sweet potato and fresh rosemary! The end result has to be tried to […]

How to cook a lamb roast

how to cook a lamb roast

How to cook a lamb roast Perfectly cook a roast lamb every time! Want to know how to cook a lamb roast? A perfectly cooked lamb roast must be up there with one of the best comfort foods of all time. Whether you like yours still blush pink in the middle or slow cooked and fall apart […]


Our fondness for slow cooked lamb shoulder on the bone is no secret. Put it on at lunch time and forget about it until dinner time. It’s also perfect for cooking the day before and reheating. This recipe uses a dry spice blend called chermoula (A North African spice blend) which is a mix of […]


These guys are quick becoming a best seller at Meat at Billy’s. Quick and easy to cook. We make these using seasoned lamb mince and then stuff a piece of fetta into the centre. We then brush over some of our very own Moroccan marinade and then sprinkle with a little parsley and parmesan. Simply bake […]


We use this Moroccan Tagine Intense Flavour Paste a lot in the shop. It’s made right here in Brisbane by a lady named Suzanne Quintner, who has been making Moroccan marinades, pastes & preserved lemons since well before it was popular to do so (-: This is what we use on our our insanely popular, Moroccan lamb shanks that […]