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Your Top 5 Sausages

Top 5 Sausages – can you guess which ones made the cut?

Top 5 Sausages


Here at Meat at Billy’s, our sausages work really hard to tantalise your taste buds. They do this through their amazing flavour combinations and wide variety of choice! In fact, there are more than 20 different sausage varieties on offer, using the best quality beef, pork or chicken. Most of them are also gluten free!

So we thought it was time to award the Top 5 Sausages by way of their popularity. You know, a bit like the OSCARS for snags! And so here it is … drum roll please 🙂




Top 5 snags

Your Top 5 Sausages are:

5th place – Lamb, Mint & Rosemary Sausage

4th place – Irish Pork Sausage

3rd place – Chunky Butter Chicken Sausage (Award Winning)

2nd place – Truffled Pork & Porcini Sausage

And the award for…

“Most Popular Meat at Billy’s Sausage” goes to …

1st placeSmokey Beef & Maple Sausage (Award Winning)

So, if you haven’t had the pleasure of tasting some of these popular snags, do-yourself-a-‘flavour’ and give one, or all of them, a go!

Check them out in the shop or order online for home delivery.