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The Shank Bros at Meat at Billy’s

Billy’s Spit Roast Hire

Ralph & Kris from Brisbane BBQ team, The Shank Bros came to see for themselves what all the fuss about Billy’s spit roaster is about.

Verdict – while cooking with gas is not generally The Shank Bros cup of tea, the guys agree that this is the best way for cooking whole animals without much fuss or stress with an amazing result.


Cooking this way as opposed to charcoal will not only reduce your cook time from 8-10 hours to 2.5-3 hours but also maximise your drinking time seeing as there’s minimal time spent fussing over temps etc.


What’s included in our hire fee?

We turn up & fire the spit up for you. The we score, salt and oil the meat. We’ll set the heat at an optimal cooking temp and then leave you with a few instructions on cooking time etc. The next day we’ll come and collect it for you. Easy.


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Special mention goes to Blend Smoked Honey & Picklehead Pickles. Made by The Shank Bros and available at Meat at Billy’s. Check them out.


Blend Smoked Honey