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Roast turkey with fig, hazelnut & orange stuffing served with carrots & gravy Roast turkey is perfect on so many occasions – Christmas in July, Thanksgiving or as the centrepiece of your Christmas festivities! Meat at Billy’s regular, Alana Lowes shares her classic take on roast turkey with all the trimmings… Recipe and images courtesy of Alana […]


Thanksgiving Turkey in Brisbane

Wondering what size turkey you need? Use our turkey size guide to help you choose the best turkey size option for you. Looking for a smaller alternative to a whole turkey? One of our rolled turkey breasts would be perfect. See our turkey options listed below the size guide. Please keep in mind that these […]

Christmas Recipes

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We’re all about making Christmas easy & DELICIOUS. It’s one thing to find great quality produce but it’s another thing to find a good recipe. These stunning recipes are simple to follow, require minimal ingredients and work. Absolutely perfect for Christmas time if you’re main focus is getting to enjoy the food and spend time […]

Turducken Cooking Guide

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Turducken Cooking Guide Chicken | Duck | Turkey … all rolled into one A Turducken is a dish consisting of a deboned chicken stuffed into a deboned duck, stuffed into a deboned turkey, hence the name!   How to Cook a Turducken As a guide, the approximate cooking time is 30 mins per 500g. However to ensure […]