Sticky Beef Stir Fry

Sticky Beef Stir Fry
Sticky Beef Stir FrySticky Beef Stir FrySticky Beef Stir Fry

Created in-house, Billy’s sticky beef stir fry is made with the perfect balance of premium grass fed rump steak strips, a mix of vegetables (green beans, onion and capsicum), teriyaki & soy, a sprinkle of sesame and a drizzle of 100% natural Fergo’s Farm raw honey.

For every 2kg of vegetables in our stir fry, we add a generous 3kg of rump strips. However, if you want to make it go further, just add some additional Asian greens or broccolini.

For best results, cook your stir fry in small batches, hot and fast.


Serve with noodles, rice or Ancient grains & quinoa and top with fresh Thai basil (or coriander) and chilli oil.



Price: $12.49$49.98