Picanha – Rump Cap (min 1.6kg)

Picanha Whole 600x600
Picanha Sliced 600x600Picanha Cooked (2) 600x600

This cut is traditionally called picanha in Brazil and is also known as rump cap. It is a prized cut of meat that holds amble amounts of flavour  and is tender and juicy.

Picanha is from the back side of the animal above the butt where it sits on a fat cap.


If you want to really enhance the flavour, you need to try Billy’s latest taste obsession. He’s loving the combo of our Dan Hernandez Smokey South American Salsa & Chimichurri on any steak. Take your cooked meat and  generously spoon over the smokey Salsa. Then top with the fresh flavour of the Chimichurri. You simply can’t beat this flavour combination.


Price: $39.98 each

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