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These guys are quick becoming a best seller at Meat at Billy’s. Quick and easy to cook. We make these using seasoned lamb mince and then stuff a piece of fetta into the centre. We then brush over some of our very own Moroccan marinade and then sprinkle with a little parsley and parmesan. Simply bake […]


We use this Moroccan Tagine Intense Flavour Paste a lot in the shop. It’s made right here in Brisbane by a lady named Suzanne Quintner, who has been making Moroccan marinades, pastes & preserved lemons since well before it was popular to do so (-: This is what we use on our our insanely popular, Moroccan lamb shanks that […]


Recipe courtesy of Jacqueline Guglielmino INGREDIENTS  500g lean minced lamb  1 finely chopped onion  2 garlic cloves crushed  2cm chunk root ginger, grated  1 tsp of chilli power  2 tsp ground cumin  1 cinnamon quill  2 tsps of tumeric  good pinch of saffron threads  olive oil  2 pieces of preserved lemon  2 x 400g […]