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Best of the best Australian Wagyu



We are VERY excited to be able to bring you the The Phoenix Master Selection award winning, best of the best Wagyu.

This is a huge deal as it’s very limited supply and only available once every year! 


Meat at Billy’s is currently the ONLY retailer in Australia to be able to give you the opportunity to sample this award winning, best of the best Wagyu. 



What makes this Wagyu so special?

This exclusive Wagyu is of the highest eating quality from Australia’s finest beef cattle producers.

 Made up of high end F1 and F2+ Wagyu it is 400-day grain fed with marble scores of 8-9.

The Phoenix Master Selection is only available from cattle sourced from the prestigious Ekka Paddock to Palate competition (see below for more information), making it a truly once a year chance for beef connoisseurs to sample something very special.


When will it be available?

It is available at both our Ashgrove and Rosalie stores. We have been able to source a very limited amount of The Phoenix Master Selection. (Many of the cuts have been reserved for export.) Once it has sold out, there will be no more available until the next Wagyu Challenge in 2019. Two cuts are available – rib fillet and sirloin.


What is the Paddock to Palate Competition?

The Paddock to Palate competition is the richest beef competition in Australia and attracts Australia’s top beef producers. 112 head of cattle were entered in the Class 39 Wagyu Challenge. They were all fed together at Mort & Co’s world class Grassdale feedlot, so essentially, producers are pitching their genetics against their peers to contest this prestigious title. The culmination of the competition is the very limited release of this premium Australian Wagyu.

Billy’s tips for cooking Wagyu …

“To get the best from your Wagyu, cook it to medium, as opposed to rare or medium rare. This allows it to break down some of the fat, creating a more tender, juicy steak. Also, don’t be shy on the salt as this enhances the caramelisation process.

Also, be sure to cook it over a high heat and never on a grill. Use a flat plate because you want to seal and caramelise the steak. You don’t want to lose all that flavour. After all, the fat is what is most prized in the Wagyu!”


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