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Supporting Hear and Say

It takes a village to raise a child.

Opening Worlds, together.

Here at Meat at Billy’s we are proud and passionate supporters of Hear and Say, world-leading experts in hearing, listening and spoken language therapy.

This not for profit organisation is based just down the hill from our Ashgrove store. Having had a personal tour from Chris McCarthy, CEO, we can say without doubt, it is a state of the art facility.

The Mission at Hear and Say is “Hear, Say and Live – creating better futures through hearing and human technology interfaces”.

Hear and Say

Hear and Say Mission:

Hear, Say and Live – creating better futures through hearing and human technology interfaces

We asked Hear and Say to tell us just what it means to have the support of their local community and how donated funds are used. Here was their response:

“Around the halls of Hear and Say, we’ll often talk about the old adage, “It takes a village to raise a child.” From the families themselves, to a vast mix of healthcare professionals, researchers, educators, and donors, the ‘village’ needed in supporting a deaf child to hear, listen and speak is immense. At Hear and Say we rely on 42% of our funding from donations. This means the  support of community minded businesses like Meat at Billy’s is critical to ensuring a listening and speaking future for children who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Since first partnering with Hear and Say back in 2016, Meat at Billy’s has raised over $20,000 for Hear and Say! When you consider that every $10,000 raised supports a child through one year of early intervention and that 96% of early intervention graduates are achieving listening and spoken language skills within or above the average range for children with typical hearing, this generous support is actually changing lives.

Billy and the team go above and beyond to raise both awareness and funds for Hear and Say children. Whether it’s replacing their butcher’s shirts with outfits more colourful than their range of gourmet sausages for Loud Shirt Day, or jumping off the Goodwill Bridge in a cow suit, Billy is always willing to lead the way. On behalf of the children and families of Hear and Say we are truly grateful for the generosity of Meat at Billy’s and their commitment to give back to those in need in their local community.”


Hear and Say


With 2019 upon us, everyone here at Meat at Billy’s has big plans in place to continue supporting this very worthy organisation. Keep an eye out for how and where you can get involved to …

  • ⇒ Billy swinging from the Goodwill Bridge, in his cow suit, of course – again!
  • ⇒ Loud Shirt Day activities & sausage sizzle
  • ⇒ Supporting the Hear and Say Ladies Long Lunch
  • ⇒ Hear & Say local Trivia night
  • ⇒ Billy performing a choreographed Beyoncé dance (no, we’re not kidding 🙂 )
  • ⇒ & more 


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