Maremma Duck – Free Range (min 2.2kg) – FROZEN

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Maremma free range duck- 2020 STATE WINNER Delicious Harvey Norman Produce Awards

Maremma Free Range ducks are raised completely free range and chemical free in Taralga, NSW by Tathra Place Free Range​
These birds are Australia’s ONLY true free range Aylesbury Pekin ducks. The ducks roam free in flocks with Maremma dogs to protect them from any predator in the sky or on the ground as part of a highly rotational land healing regenerative agricultural system.

The birds eat a non GMO grain supplement that completes a diet of grasses, bugs, worms and anything else they can find.

The completely natural way the ducks are raised results in an intense flavour complexity in the meat, a deeper and richer texture and a thicker layer of fat coverage.

All Tathra Place Free Range animals have access to water from the Wombeyan Caves aquifer which is very pure drinking water. Our ducks also have access to something we have developed called a dunk tank which gives them access to clean water for bathing and good beak health which is imperative for the health of water fowl.

With plenty of natural pasture, zero chemicals and zero hormones, these ducks are true pasture and ethically raised ducks.

Raised in Taralga, NSW and protected by the ever-watchful Maremma dogs.

NOTE: These ducks are frozen



Miso, maple & whiskey roasted duck with orange, thyme & fresh cherries.

Miso, Maple & Whiskey Roasted Duck



Price: $54.98 each


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