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Billy’s Goodwill Bridge Swing 2019

Support Billy & help make a difference

Goodwill Bridge Swing 2019 for Hear and Say 



Well, it was with slightly sweaty hooves, that I took the plunge and swung off the Goodwill Bridge … in my cow suit … for Hear and Say!

Like last year, it was a huge thrill taking part in this event and what makes it even more exciting, is knowing that the money raised will help give the gift of sound and speech to children with hearing loss right across Queensland. 

I would like to give a huge THANK YOU to all our wonderful customers and supporters. Along with your donations and Meat at Billy’s dollar-for-dollar matching, this is how much we raised for Hear and Say …


Goodwill Bridge Swing Donation

 Once again, thank you to everyone who donated … see you back on the Bridge in 2020.




Have you heard of the Goodwill Bridge Swing?

Well it’s one of Brisbane’s most challenging and innovative charity events and I have taken the pledge to jump for Hear and Say on the 10th May 2019!


Hi guys, it’s Billy here…

I’m feeling a little bit of de ja moo right now.

I’m about to swing off the Goodwill Bridge again – all in the name of charity – for our good friends at Hear and Say.  

Meat at Billy’s has been a strong supporter of Hear and Say for years now because I’ve seen first hand the undeniable difference they make in young children’s lives.

This year I want to beef things up and I need your help!

I’m asking you, the Meat at Billy’s community to support me by donating whatever you can, big or small. I don’t want to milk you dry.

I want Meat at Billy’s to be the number one cash cow on the day so we help change as many lives as we can.

Whatever you guys donate – Meat at Billy’s will match – dollar for dollar!


You can do it in either store (look for the donation barrel)


CLICK HERE to donate online right now.

If we don’t raise enough money I’ll be udderly disappointed.

Come on guys, let’s moooove mountains and show them what Meat at Billy’s is all about.

Excuse all of my cow puns.



Now this is not the sort of challenge you can enter unprepared. So, along with my fellow bridge swingers, Hear and Say CEO, Chris McCarthy and father of two Hear and Say children, Tim Hughes, I’ve been getting into shape by busting out one of Beyonce’s most famous dance routines (yep, you did read that correctly!).

To get you in the mood, here’s something you thought you’d never see … and may never see again :-)!!

If you can help by “putting a donation on it” please click HERE.

Before I can take the leap I have committed to raise $1,000 for Hear and Say. Thanks to everyone who has donated, we’ve hit that target and are now aiming for $2000. All donations, big or small, are greatly appreciated and remember, your support will give the gifts of sound and speech to children with hearing loss right across Queensland.

And remember, Meat at Billy’s will match dollar for dollar, all donations contributing to my swing!

See you on May 10th … 

Billy 🐮