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Free Milk


We’re giving away FREE milk* to celebrate 5 years of having Scenic Rim 4 Real Milk on our shelves. 



Simply place a HOME DELIVERY order online with Meat at Billy’s during February 2018. We’ll include a FREE 2L bottle in your delivery. That’s it! 

Buy choosing 4Real Milk you’re supporting a local, independent, 100% Australian, family owned dairy.

Meat at Billy’s has been supporting 4Real Milk since they started back in 2013 after a customer recommended it to us.



Ethical, Full Cream Milk

4Real milk is full cream and ‘pasteurised only’ (non-homogenised). They don’t add anything or take anything out. So it has a great taste, is better for you and your family. 4Real Milk is one of the most minimally processed, ‘farmgate’ fresh milks available. It is ‘pasteurised only’ to retain as many nutrients as possible making it the most authentic flavoursome milk product available!

These fourth generation dairy farmers know the difference in quality between over processed, homogenised, store-bought and locally produced milk. 4Real milk can’t be categorised as just any milk – the purity and taste is as close as possible to the milk that comes straight from the cow.

If you see cream on top don’t worry, that’s how it is supposed to be. Give it a light shake, sit back, and enjoy an icy cold glass full… or in a coffee or hot chocolate and in some of your favourite baking!

five years

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