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Buffalo Tenders Mini Tacos

Buffalo Tenders with jalepeno & coriander mayo

Buffalo Tenders Mini Tacos with jalapeño & coriander mayo These Buffalo Tenders Mini Tacos utilise the already prepared Meat at Billy’s Buffalo Tenders (chicken tenders in a panko buffalo crumb) as the main ingredient. Our Buffalo Tenders are made in-house with free range chicken. These mini tacos are the perfect snack accompanied with the ‘bite’ of the jalapeño & coriander mayo. Makes: approx 12 […]

Pulled Pork Recipe

how to cook pork collar butt

A basic pulled pork recipe Cooking over charcoal is best but an oven will do There’s more than one way to cook a pork butt that’s for sure. This Pulled Pork Recipe is based on using a Weber kettle and is a basic guide to help a beginner get in and give it a go. Don’t […]

Truffled Pork & Porcini Sausage Meatballs in Pork Ragu

Truffled Pork & Porcini Sausage Meatballs in Pork Ragu by Shank Brothers Want an easy and off-the-charts flavour BOMB pasta dish?!!! Truffled Pork & Porcini Sausage Meatballs in Pork Ragu featuring Meat at Billy’s absolute show stopper Truffled Pork & Porcini sausages. Add a lick of smoke and char by flashing meatballs over charcoal. Also […]


Mikey’s BBQ Smoked Fatty (Meatloaf) Is it a fatty? Is it a stuffed meatloaf? BBQ Smoked Fatty – Does it even matter when it tastes this good???? Thanks to Mikey from Shank Brothers for sharing this recipe for BBQ Smoked Fatty (meatloaf). Feel free to get a little loose with it and substitute a few things […]

Crack Potato

Sarah's Potato Bake

Crack Potato Seriously addictive comfort food Sarah’s Crack Potato recipe (Billy is Sarah’s husband), has fast become a favourite of family & friends of Meat at Billy’s. We serve it at all of our events and constantly receive requests for the recipe. It can easily be halved but trust us, the more the better. It also […]

Spinach & Fetta Chicken Mini-Roaster recipe

Spinach & Fetta Chicken Mini-Roaster with broccolini, bacon, pinenuts and smoked honey

Spinach & Fetta Chicken Mini-Roaster with broccolini, bacon, pine nuts and smoked honey image & recipe courtesy of @glennscottdesign INGREDIENTS 2 x Spinach & Fetta Chicken Mini Roasters (from Meat at Billy’s) 3 x rashers double smoked bacon 2 bunches broccolini 1 cup pine nuts (toasted) 1-2 tbsp BLEND SMOKED HONEY (from Meat at Billy’s) 1 […]