Sobrasada – Salumi Australia (150g)

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Sobrasada (pronounced so-bra-sar-dah) is simply spreadable cured Salami flavoured with a generous amount of pimenton or paprika. It is salt cured and therefore, doesn’t require cooking, however the flavours develop when served warm or used in cooking.

Sobrasada is a specialty of Majorca in Spain.  The Salumi Australia version is made with pork, paprika, salt and other spices. The texture is like a smooth, spreadable chorizo sausage.


Remove from the fridge and allow it to rest on the kitchen bench to soften before using. It can be eaten spread on sourdough as a tapas dish and is extra delicious with the addition of goat cheese. For breakfast or supper, try spreading Sobrasada on your sourdough toast and topping with a fried egg.


Sobrasada can be used to flavour meat, fish and vegetable dishes. Its deep rich red adds colour to casseroles, rice dishes and stuffing. Try rendering some in a heavy pan to use it is as the flavour base for a pasta sauce.

Locally sourced – produced near Byron Bay

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