Rump – Wagyu 7-8+ Marble Score (Min 650g)

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Wagyu Rump 7-8+ Marble Score

September ‘Weekend of Wagyu’ Special Offer

Already a fan of our our marble score 4-6+ Wagyu rump (a staff favourite)?

This limited special online offer is FOR YOU!!!!

For a limited time only we’re offering this marble score 7-8+ Wagyu rump for the SAME PRICE as our marble score 4-6+ Wagyu rump!

It’s only – $39.99kg – until sold out

Great quality rump steak is a favourite of ours. Big flavour & great textures make rump a really great cut in terms of value for money. When it’s a Wagyu rump, times that by 10!

Grilled as is, rump steak holds its own when plated up as a stand alone steak.

It’s also ideal to cube & skewer for next level kebabs and it’s ridiculously good when utilised in Asian stir fries.

Billy’s tips for cooking Wagyu …

“To get the best from your Wagyu, cook it to medium, as opposed to rare or medium rare. This allows it to break down some of the fat, creating a more tender, juicy steak. Also, don’t be shy on the salt as this enhances the caramelisation process.

Also, be sure to cook it over a high heat and never on a grill. Use a flat plate because you want to seal and caramelise the steak. You don’t want to lose all that flavour. After all, the fat is what is most prized in the Wagyu!”


Australian Beef

Price: $25.99 each

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