Pecan Fed Ham (Min 9.5kg)

Pecan Fed Christmas Ham - featured image


PASTURED, FREE RANGE – small batch production

Pecan Fed Christmas Ham on the Bone sourced locally from Eggcettera, Talgai (QLD).

Traditionally lightly cured and double wood smoked for 12 hours.

This free range Christmas Ham is as good as it gets when it comes to flavour and supporting ethical and sustainable farming methods.

Eggcettera’s pastured, free range pigs are fed a supplementary diet of pecan nuts, resulting in the highest quality pastured pork with a unique, rich flavour that is beyond compare.

The pigs are raised rotationally on open kikuyu grassy paddocks. They actively carry out plenty of digging and wallowing in water holes. All this natural behaviour means plenty of exercise and this in turn, means the leaner pork produced is of higher quality and a delicious taste!

Our Christmas Hams are smoked locally by Gilly’s Smallgoods.

 $18.99/kg   |  MIN 9.5KG  
  • Pastured | Free Range | Sourced Locally
  • Small Batch | Limited Availability
  • Brisbane Delivery – FREE DELIVERY over $100
  • Click & Collect available
  • Gluten and allergen free


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