Minion Chicken Meatballs

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Minion chicken meatballs – the kids love them!

Our Minion chicken meatballs are made from premium free range chicken mince, grated zucchini, sweet corn, sweet potato & cheese, then rolled in polenta. Think of them like a healthy, vege packed chicken nugget.

They are hand made in store and full of hidden goodness!

Oven bake as is with a light spray of oil on 180C  for  15/20 mins or until golden brown. Or… flatten them gently and pan fry in oil on a low to medium heat, again until golden brown on each side.


  1. 1. Serve with sweet potato fries/wedges and an avocado & mayonnaise dipping sauce (mash half an avocado and mix in a generous dollop of mayo & a squeeze of lemon juice).
  2. 2. Pour a jar of your favourite pasta sauce into a baking dish & place the minions on top. Sprinkle with grated cheese and oven bake as per cooking instructions above. Serve with steamed veges and pasta.

Approx 30 meatballs per kg.




CUSTOMER FEEDBACK:Those Minion meatballs are DELICIOUS … kids luv em … I love em!” Carol K. (14/02/18)


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