Low and Slow Pro Bundle

Low and Slow Pro Bundle

Meat at Billy’s doesn’t do things by halves when it comes to low and slow BBQ. Quality comes first. Always.

You won’t find a low and slow combo like this anywhere else. Guaranteed.

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Caution: This bundle of goodies ain’t for the light hearted.

If you can handle you’re protein and you’re into the ‘good stuff’, read on…

This Pro Bundle includes the following:

♠ 1 x Wagyu Brisket (5kg) Security Foods Australian Black Wagyu (same as the Barbecue Mafia uses).
♠ 1 x St Louis Ribs (1.1kg) – Eggcettera Pecan Fed Pork
♠ 1 x Bone in Lamb Shoulder (2.2kg) – Eggcettera Pastured Lamb
♠ 1 x Barbecue Mafia Steak Out Rub 150g
♠ 1 x Barbecue Mafia La Familia Rub 150g
♠ 1 x Fruit Wood (2kg)

This bundle would normally cost you $241.

PLUS… we’ll throw in a bonus
♠  1 x Barbecue Mafia Had a Little Lamb Rub 150g FOR FREE (RRP $14.95)

That’s an extra $34.95 in your pocket + you’ll be set for an epic weekend cook.

Enjoy it all yourself or share the love with friends. Either way you’ll be enjoying some first class BBQ!

FREE Next Day Delivery*

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Price: $255.95 $221.00 each