Eggcettera, Eggs – Dozen (Free Range)

Eggcettera eggs

Eggcettera eggs from pasture raised chickens are ‘eggcellent’!

These ‘girls’ lay truly free range eggs, as the spend their days roaming the paddocks in search of food, scratching in dust baths and simply spreading their wings!!

They are given plenty of room – 10 square metres per bird (instead of the legal stocking rate of 1 square metre) and are moved onto fresh pasture on a weekly basis to ensure they are happy and healthy.

Happy hens = ‘eggcellent’ eggs!

Read more about Eggcettera here.

A LITTLE BIT OF TRIVIA … Did you know @Eggcettera eggs are the ONLY eggs with the word ‘EGG’ stamped on them? How did this come about we hear you ask?? All eggs in QLD must have a unique identifier & when Farmer Tim was setting his up, he discovered, surprisingly, no-one else had thought to use the letters ‘EGG’. We think Farmer Tim is one smart egg 🍳 These are truly happy gals with oodles of space to scratch & roam and their eggs are collected twice daily so they are fresh as!!!!

800g min

Price: $10.00 each