Creamed Raw Honey – Fergo’s Farm (265g)

creamed raw honey
creamed raw honey

Fergo’s Farm creamed raw honey is 100% natural, just as the bees love it.

Fergo’s Farm is owned and operated by the passionate husband and wife team, Sharon and Craig. This full flavoured honey comes from a variety of in-season trees and plants from the D’Aguilar Mountain ranges (Mount Samson and Highvale) to the Morton Bay coastline.

What is creamed raw honey?

Creamed honey is honey that has been processed to control crystallization. The end result is honey with a smooth, spreadable consistency.

What makes Fergo’s Farm Creamed Honey different?

It’s made using a traditional natural method. The honey is churned (NOT air whipped – like most commercial creamed honey). After churning, it is pot set for 14 days at a set temperature, allowing the control of the crystallisation and ensuring a smooth, creamy texture.


Creamed Raw Honey must be kept chilled or it will go back to it’s original liquid Raw Honey form.

The flavour and colour will change throughout the seasons, as all Fergo’s Farm Raw Honey is gathered and ripened by the bees from the nectar of blossoms of seasonal flowers.


Price: $13.95 each