Chicken Butterflied – Basil Pesto (min 1.5kg)

butterflied chicken basil pesto 600 x 600
butterflied chicken basil pesto 600 x 600 gallery 3butterflied chicken basil pesto 600 x 600 gallery 1butterflied chicken basil pesto 600 x 600 gallery 2

To make these butterflied chickens we take a moisture infused chicken, butterfly it out and remove the back bone completely.

We then marinate them in Roza’s Basil Pesto (best pesto we’ve ever tried) and then top it with semi dried tomatoes & crumbled fetta.

Butterflying the chicken this way reduces the cooking time and also means it can be easily cooked over a low heat BBQ grill.

“Why moisture infused chickens”? Because a chicken that has been brined/infused is fool proof to cook and produces an incredibly moist & tender chicken, seasoned from the inside out – EVERY TIME. It’s our go to choice for BBQing and also ideal for novice cooks.

Bake in a preheated 180°c oven for 50 mins OR place bottom side down on a low heat BBQ grill on a trivet and and cook with the lid down. Alternatively, cook over charcoal using indirect heat. Chicken is cooked when the internal temperature reaches 70°C when thigh area is tested with a digital thermometer.

Serve with lemon roasted potatoes & a chickpea, tomato, rocket & toasted quinoa salad.



Price: $23.99 each