Caveman Pork Shoulder Ribs (min 400g)

Caveman Pork Shoulder Ribs

These tasty Caveman pork shoulder ribs are seasoned with our own Caveman Rub.

Pork shoulder ribs are the first four ribs taken from the bottom of the shoulder, with the muscle still attached. They are ideal for low & slow cooking.

Free range pork.

Cooking Instructions: Place in a deep baking dish with approximately 1 cup of stock/water. Seal tightly with foil. Bake at 140C for 3 hours or until tender. Then remove foil and increase the oven temperature. Add your favourite sauce (we love Lillie’s Q Ivory or Smoky sauce – click links & add to your cart) and caramelise in a hot oven.


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Price: $7.99 each