Barbecue Mafia Rub Quad Pack + Mobster Sauce

Barbecue Mafia Quad Pack + Mobster Sauce 600x600
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Level up with the addition of a Mafia Mobster Sauce – the perfect accompaniment to The Barbecue Mafia Rub Quad Pack!

The Barbecue Mafia Rubs are all made right here in Brisbane and have helped the guys win many a BBQ Comp!

The Barbecue Mafia Rub Quad Pack includes:

1 x Steakout 150g shaker (dark & rich)

1 x La Familia 150g shaker (a vinegar hit)

1 x Enforcer 150g shaker (bold with a touch of heat)

1 x Mafia had a little Lamb 150g shaker (traditional Aussie flavours with a Mediterranean savoury citrus kick!)

1 x Mobster BBQ Sauce 500ml (a savoury Aussie twist on the traditional American BBQ sauce)

Price: $74.75 $64.95 each

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