9Dorf Farms Eggs – (Pastured)

9Dorf Farms eggs 600x600

9Dorf Farms eggs from pasture raised chickens

Plastic cartons? No! Actually, YES!!!!

These ECO egg packs REDUCE our environmental footprint & REDUCE food waste. They’re made from 100% recycled PET and are recyclable themselves. They have the lowest C02 emissions, & water & energy consumption required for the production process compared to regular egg cartons.


9Dorf Farms are a 4th generation family owned business. They have been farming in the Lockyer Valley since 1918. They are passionate about sustainable farming, working with and improving the environment and producing ethically raised animals.

9Dorf Farms graze their animals in a free range rotational system. Their laying chickens follow behind the cows and pigs and fertilise and fumigate the paddocks as they go. This allows the chickens to roam and scratch and dig in the dirt for worms and bugs, whilst enjoying fresh air and sunshine.

These happy chickens lay superior tasting eggs that are just like nature intended.

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800g min

Price: $10.00 each