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Personalised dry aged beef … at your service!


Personalised dry aged beef, small batch

Ashgrove customer Vince selected his own piece for dry aging:


We dry age to order!

Small batch, hand selected and dry aged just for you!

Imagine the excitement of coming into one of our stores and selecting your very own piece of meat to dry age. Once selected, watch as our butchers personally label it and hang it in the Dry Ager. Each time you visit the shop, you’ll be mesmerised by the transition of YOUR piece of beef.

At the end of the process stand by and watch our expert crew at work as we trim, slice and cryovac your own personally selected piece of dry aged beef … all you need to do is take it home, cook it and savour that intense, unique flavour!

Click here for more information on dry aging, the process and what Meat at Billy’s has on offer.


The ultimate unique gift

Imagine giving a piece of personalised dry aged beef as a gift. This unique gift would be such a hit for the meat-loving family or friend in your life. 


Keen to secure your own whole piece of dry aged beef?

Our customer Vince (see above) did just that and as you can tell, he was pretty chuffed with the end result.

If you’d like to do the same, drop into Ashgrove or Rosalie and chat to one of our knowledgeable crew. They’ll be able to advise you what’s available, how to select the perfect piece and how the whole process works.