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Little Joe is back in town!

Small Batch. Exclusive. Extraordinary.

A feat near impossible to replicate.

Ashgrove & Rosalie

Little Joe is back in town this weekend!

We’re so pumped to be able to offer this extraordinary beef here in Brisbane.

What is Little Joe you ask?
It’s the global epitome of grass fed beef. Hailing from Tasmania & Northern Victoria it is available in small batch only always sells out very quickly.
Little Joe is all-natural grass fed beef product that offers a minimum marble score of four. A feat near impossible to replicate.


What makes Little Joe beef so special?
* Marble score 4+
* Grass fed for life
* Raised without antibiotics
* No added hormones
* GMO free
* Free range, never confined to a feed lot

These are the fast facts of Little Joe and the reasons that set it above the rest.

Little Joe Blog

What’s in a name?
The name Little Joe was inspired by this product’s elusive marble score of four which separates it from the competition.
In the game of craps, achieving a dice roll of four by throwing two twos is colloquially known as a Little Joe.
There is a less than 3% chance of throwing a Little Joe, an uncommon occurrence and near impossible to replicate. Just like Little Joe beef.
And that’s how Little Joe rolls.


Available Cuts (weekend 4th, 5th, 6th October 2019)

● sirloin ● tri tip ● skirt

In the future, keep an eye out for Rump, Skirt, Beef Short Ribs and more.