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Honey Soy Chicken Kebabs

Honey Soy Chicken Kebabs

with ham & pineapple fried rice

Honey Soy Chicken Kebabsimage & recipe courtesy of @glennscottcreativeculinary



6-8 x Honey Soy Chicken Kebabs (Meat at Billy’s)

250g packet microwave brown rice

250g packet microwave jasmine rice

300g double smoked ham (Meat at Billy’s)

2 x green spring onions, chopped

1½ cup frozen vegetables, thawed (peas, corn, carrot, beans)

3 x eggs, lightly beaten

225g tin (or fresh) pineapple pieces, drained & chopped

2 tbsp oil (rice bran, canola etc)

1 x clove garlic, minced (or finely grated)

2 tsp fresh ginger, finely grated

¼ tsp white pepper

2 tbsp soy sauce

Fresh chives & coriander to serve


Honey Soy Chicken Kebabs ingredients






  1. Heat half the oil in a non-stick pan or wok. Pour the egg into the hot pan to cover the base, Cook 2-3 minutes until lightly golden. Remove, roll and slice and set aside.
  2. Heat remaining oil and add ginger & garlic and sauté for 15 seconds (don’t burn the garlic). Add the pepper and rice and stir fry for 2-3 minutes.
  3. Add half the spring onions, the ham, pineapple and vegetables and then stir fry a further 2-3 minutes to heat through.
  4. Add the soy sauce and toss to combine.
  5. Use an oven/grill or BBQ to cook the kebabs. I used an oven tray with a rack and covered the skewer ends with foil (to prevent burning). Grill at 220°C about 10 minute a side. Either serve the kebabs on the skewers or remove the meat and serve on top of the rice in pieces.

Honey soy chicken kebabs cooked


Divide the rice mixture between the plates topped with the sliced egg strips and extra spring onions. Place the honey soy chicken pieces on top. Garnish with fresh herbs.



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