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Five Founders Carbon Neutral Beef

Five Founders Carbon Neutral Beef

Australia’s First Carbon Neutral Beef

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We are really excited to announce we are ahead of the herd and stocking a new range of beef called Five Founders Natural Australian Beef.

It’s Australia’s first certified Carbon Neutral Beef.

This means that we are able to offer our customers a beef option that is carbon neutral.

It’s the first of it’s kind and marks a big step forward for the beef industry in Australia. We are all aware that meat production has a heavy impact on the environment. Five Founders acknowledges that and have been proactive in seeking ways to reinvest in the planet and carbon neutrality is their first step in a long term plan. 

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❶ The first step in becoming certified as carbon neutral involved assessing their footprint – emissions created from their livestock, energy consumption, transport etc.

❷ Secondly, they identified all the ways they could reduce carbon emissions. Things like installation of solar, zero deforestation, reforestation, genetics, increased water efficiency  and overall land management etc.

❸ The final step involves offsetting any remaining emissions via the purchase of carbon credits. These credits are purchased only from Australian Government approved carbon credits.

Good to know

Their goal is net zero emissions by 2025! This means they won’t need to purchase any offsetting carbon credits as they will be doing enough within the business internally to neutralise their output.


Five Founders beef is produced exclusively from free-roaming cattle.

Born and raised on the vast, fertile grasslands of the northern Australian Outback (NT and Queensland) for approximately 400 days.

The cattle are then finished on grain (grain assisted) for a further 100 days at a property close to Brisbane.

There are no growth hormones added to their diet.

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The Five Founders name is a nod to the original five founding members of NAPCo – the North Australian Pastoral Company (the company who owns the Five Founders brand). These five guys kicked things off way back in 1877 and NAPCo has been producing beef in Australia ever since… Five Founders is NAPCo’s first branded beef.

Yep, so that’s over 140 years ago, these five founders established NAPCo and little did they know, they were laying the foundation for more than 140 years of sustainable beef farming.


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