EGGCETTERA UPDATE – JULY 2018written by Tim Somes, Owner Eggcettera

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Brrrrrr, brrrrrrrr, brrrrrrrrrr its cold out here on the Eggcettera farm!!

I’ve almost been tempted to swap my work boots for ugg boots … #stylishfarmertim

Fair dinkum, free range chickens

The girls have dropped off in egg production which is perfectly normal for this time of year due to the shorter days (less light) and cooler weather. The chooks food consumption goes up and they convert more food into keeping themselves warm rather than producing eggs … the complexities of seasonal produce!!!!

At least 3 times a week we are breaking the ice on the chicken water containers first up in the morning to make sure they have fresh water. If we don’t, the ice won’t melt until 10am.

We are experimenting with adding lucerne fines* into their supplementary feed mix to compensate for the lack of green pick (meaning fresh grass, for the city folks) due to the ongoing dry. It will rain again one day!!

* Lucerne fines (and oaten fines) is a ‘waste’ product that come from the chaff factory in Warwick. It forms part of the supplementary feed for the chickens and lambs. It has a very high level of protein which assists in the fattening of the lambs and egg production in the chooks. The sustainability and use of otherwise waste products is very much a part of the Eggcettera vision and philosophy and we can’t thank the MAB crew and customers enough for supporting us in our belief.

Box gum goats

The goats are enjoying the cooler weather we have opened up a fresh paddock for them where they are enjoying a fresh pick. They are still enjoying the box gum leaves which we drop on the ground for them every week or so.

Thanks Brisbane for your purchases of the goat we are sending down to MAB. I’ve been cooking up some of it myself in a slow cooked curry and it has been absolutely delicious.

The goats have also been enjoying some snippets of Lucerne hay to keep them warm on these cooler morning.

Pastured Pork

The pigs are enjoying their corn stubble hay to lie on to give them a bit of extra warmth. We have been increasing the amount of energy which goes into their supplementary feed which gives them another avenue by way of diet to keep warm.

The Duroc pigs are getting bigger & bigger with their expected turn off being the end of August. Keep an eye on MAB and Barbecue Mafia social media posts so you can buy some of the product yourself.

The Durocs have the most beautiful temperament and are firm farm favourites.

Long Paddock Lambs

The lambs are all well, enjoying their corn based ration. They too are not getting much of a grass pick so we are also giving them some Lucerne fines to compensate for the lack of green grass because of the abnormally dry weather.

Beer Malt Beef

The boys are going well in the steer paddock. We have two new additions and to attract them onto the malt we have been drizzling a little molasses over the top. They sure do love it! 

I look forward to updating you again soon!!


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