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Fair dinkum free range, exclusive to Meat at Billy’s


Eggcettera Farm



Eggcettera is proud to work exclusively with Meat at Billy’s, to provide our customers with the very best quality pastured free range produce, direct from the farm to the butcher.

Eggcettera owner Tim, is passionate about the sustainability of the farm along with the ethical treatment of his animals. In fact, it’s the reason he gets up in the morning! Tim’s philosophy is based around providing a stress free environment for his animals as they graze freely on open pastures.  Rotational grazing of the different animals (chickens, pigs, lambs, goats and cattle) ensures the best use of the farm as well as regenerating the land by mixing its use and giving it a regular break.


A Unique Relationship between Farmer & Butcher

The direct connection between farmer and butcher is a unique one. As a butcher, Billy prides himself on providing his customers the best. The ability for input and immediate and direct feedback to the producer allows control in the creating process. This hands on approach enables Billy to play a big part in producing the very best tasting products for his customers.

“This farm to plate story is important and at the end of the day, I know these products give my customers a great experience at home in their kitchens and at the dinner table”, Billy.

Innovative Products – Pastured, Free Range Produce

Part of Eggcettera’s commitment to sustainability is the utilisation and upcycling of waste products (eg pecan nut seconds and spent grain from the beer brewing process) as additional animal feed. The key benefits of these unique diets are flavour & eating quality!

  • Pecan Fed Pork – local pecan nut seconds are fed to the pigs. This feed adds an oily content through the pork which renders down through the meat when cooked, giving it an amazing flavour.
  • Beer Malt Beef – spent grain from Newstead Brewing Co. is fed to the cattle and the end result is a combination of exceptional quality beef with a subtle beer malt infusion.
  • Long Paddock Lamb – the lambs are pasture raised and have a lovely intramuscular fat, thus adding to their superior eating quality
  • Box Gum Goat – the goats love to forage on the leaves from the farm’s ample supply of Box Gum trees. Tim reckons it aids with their digestion, along with leaving a uniquely Australian flavour in the meat.
  • Pastured Farm Fresh Eggs – with ten times the space regulated by the industry standard & open mobile shed houses for shelter, the chooks are free to roam the paddock as they please. They are moved onto fresh grass weekly. This freedom provides them with a variety of seeds, worms & insects to eat. They can scratch in a dust bath or chase and climb over anything (or anyone) they please. All of this combined helps to produce a denser shell ensuring eggs stay fresher for longer and taste superb. 


As Farmer Tim fondly says, “the produce coming off the farm, is fair dinkum free range!”

Just what will the Eggcettera grassy long paddocks produce next?

Stay tuned to find out!











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